Hi friends!

I get a lot of questions often on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram about what Fanhouse is and how to get started on there.

I thought it would be helpful to have a page I can refer people to when they have questions!

What is Fanhouse? Fanhouse is a place where creators can monetize their social media personalities by posting freely about their lives, similar to a Finsta. On Fanhouse, users pay for selfies, sh*tposts, and a sense of intimacy. I personally share things on there that you won’t see on my other platforms and I find it to be the perfect environment for building genuine connections, even when money is not involved. There is the option to have a monthly subscription price, offer 10% off for anyone who subscribes for 3 months, offer a free month subscription to your page, or give out free invites to other users that will allow them to have access to your page for life, unless you block them. Creators on Fanhouse use the free invite option often to exchange free invites and hype each other up. It’s a very supportive and friendly atmosphere that’s energy can best be described as drunk women in a bathroom unconditionally supporting each other.

How do I get started? I was really impressed with how easy it was to sign up with someone’s referral code, set up my bank account information for payouts, and just start posting! In the beginning it was a lot of just talking to myself as I don’t have a huge following but I dedicated a few posts a day on my personal social media pages to promoting my Fanhouse, and eventually the subs started to roll in. Once I made $30 on there, it triggered an invite to the FH Creators house chat that I did not even know existed and it helped me out so much. Being in the FH Creators chat provided me with a safe space to ask questions and learn from hundreds of other creators how to make the most of the site. Once you get 6 paying subs, you’re no longer a ‘‘restricted account’’ and your page gets a fancy little upgrade: The ability to send locked messages and a tip button on your page. You can even send out old locked messages to new subs when they join.

Locked messages: You can send out messages to your subs and followers individually or you can send them out as a mass message. Fanhouse gives you the option to ‘‘message the whole house’’ or to just select ‘‘paid subs only.’’ Unfortunately at this time there is not an option to exclude individual users from receiving the mass messages or pick and choose who the messages go to which is a little inconvenient, but hopefully that is a feature that is added later. Fanhouse is pretty amazing with taking in to account what it’s users would like to see and making things happen. Additionally, messages are the only place where you can have locked content. There is no locked content on your actual page. I think that’s great though because as someone who is both a creator and a buyer, I don’t want my feed to be full of nothing but paywalls. It takes away from the experience a bit in my opinion.

Requests: Fanhouse has a ‘‘request list’’ where you can set up a sort of menu for things you offer on your page. Your subscribers can see this in the upper righthabnd corner when they message you. My request list includes things like writing you a short poem, telling you a story about my life, good morning & good night videos, 5 rounds of two truths and a lie, playing video games together, access to my NSFW (not safe for work) links, a day or week of my girlfriend experience package, and more. I find the requests are a fun way to get to connect with your subs and get to know them on a more personal level.

Is nudity allowed on Fanhouse? Fanhouse is a SFW (safe for work) site and there is no nudity allowed. The general rule is that if it is safe enough to post on Instagram, it is safe enough to post on Fanhouse. This still leaves the door open for ‘‘spicy content’’ such as thirst traps, bikini pics, lingerie, and content of that nature. You are allowed to direct your subscribers to other platforms in which you do share that sort of content if you do, but in order to keep the Fanhouse party goin’ strong, that’s one rule all of users on the site should adhere to. You can read the Fanhouse terms and conditions here. Blocking anyone who is pushy for nudity or anything you are not uncomfortable with is strongly encouraged.

What does Fanhouse do to protect it’s creators from leaks? On Fanhouse, you have the option to watermark your photos and videos so that if anyone leaks them, it is not difficult to trace the photos or videos back to the source. There is also a place on Fanhouse to report a leak which will start a short investigation in to who leaked your content. There is absolutely no tolerance on Fanhouse for users who leak content, which provides me with a great sense of safety on the site that I have not been fortunate enough to have on other sites.

Is there an app or can I only access Fanhouse from a web browser? Blessed day, there is an app and it is GLORIOUS! The design is so aesthetically pleasing and while there are sometimes some bumps, it runs smoothly for the most part and is fairly simple to figure out. One thing I will say though is that being able to mute other creator’s housechats is very helpful, otherwise I would spend my whole days on Fanhouse as the notifications that ‘‘____’s house chat is poppin’!’’ do tend to be a bit distracting. I typically encourage my subs to mute my housechat and then just pop in every so often to see what’s up and that is what I do for other creators as well.

What is a house chat? A house chat is essentially one big group chat where all of your subscribers and followers can interact with you and with each other. It’s a great place to just pop in and see how everyone’s day is going, do a quick vent, share what you’re up to, etc. I love checking my housechat and seeing everyone in there just chatting away, hyping each other up, talking about whatever. It’s pretty neat and part of what makes Fanhouse such a great community to be a part of.

House badges: One of my favorite features on Fanhouse is the house badges. You can fully customize your house badge and make it absolutely whatever you want. When someone subscribes to your page, they earn your house badge and it is featured on their own page underneath their bio. I have a lot of house badges because there are a lot of creators on Fanhouse I would like to hold hands and go on a picnic with, and I absolutely love a unique house badge. Your first 10 subs even get their own little unique badge letting all of Fanhouse know they think you’re the best. You can even give someone moderation power on your page and they’ll get their very own house badge too.

What does it mean if I give someone moderation power of my page? You can give moderation power on Fanhouse to any of your subscribers and that just means they’ll have the power to help you delete posts or messages, and mute users.

How often are payouts and what percentage does Fanhouse take? Payouts are weekly and there is no minimum payout on Fanhouse. Fanhouse takes 10% of creators’ earnings, which is so low compared to other sites like Twitch, Only Fans, Fansly, etc. So if you make $1.00, you get to keep .90 of that. I think that’s pretty amazing.

Ideas for content: My page is kind of a mixed bag when it comes to the content I share on there, but I have learned there truly is no limit to what you can share on there that others enjoy viewing. Some creators livestream themselves playing video games, some share saucier content like lingerie, some creators run pages where they cook and share their recipes with their subs, and some creators document their travels and adventures. There really is so much you can do on Fanhouse and I can’t speak enough on how wonderful it is.

I hope this post was helpful!

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